Ok.  So you and your group have decided that it’s time to get to Cumayasa Sky Adventure.  First of all, you should be in the Dominican Republic, that is where we are located.  We are a little slice of heaven and this is how you find us.


We are located in a small town of Cumayasa on KM 14, between La Romana and San Pedro de Macoris.  If you are on the road, heading out from La Romana (SE part of the island), you would need to head West on the main road to Santo Domingo. Once on this road you will drive over a bridge (Cumayasa River) at about 1/4 of a mile, on the Right hand side of the road, you will see a large cell Antenna at which point you want to carefully do a u-turn. Now, we are heading in the right direction, on the right side of the road.  On the Right you will see a sign for Canopy Cumayasa, at this point turn onto the dirt path, heading inland about 1 mile inland you will see the entrance to the ranch on your left.


If you drive past the Cumayasa Bridge and do not see where the U-Turn happens and if you have gone too far you will see the Cueva de las Maravillas.  This means you have gone too far, so turn around and keep your eyes open for the signs on the right.  We work on a reservation basis, therefore, we highly suggest that you call in to make an appointment, and we would love to show you around.