Our Adventures & What To Expect?

  • Canopy/Ziplining
  • Sky Bridges
  • Buggies
  • Cosmic Pendulum
  • Casa del Huracan/Toro Loco
  • River & Activities

What is it? The answer is simple.

It is the perfect combination of freedom and unity that you can experience with nature. You glide through the tree canopy, one with nature, one with the surroundings.

We have created the ideal location with 1.6 Km of stainless-steel cables. We are in the 6% of Zip Lines in the world that use a double enforced cable.

The concept is this: Wearing the appropriate safety gear: helmet, gloves, harnesses, carabeeners, leather brake pad, etc. you prepare to head out into the sky. You go from one platform to another, gliding through the air.

Our run consists of 7 different cables and 14 platforms. This adventure ends at the edge of the Cumayasa River, its an ideal place, where you can enjoy some delicious seasonal fruit, sodas, lemonade and water. You can also purchase beer and other refreshments. This excursion lasts approximately 2.5 hours.

Canopy really became popular in 1992, in beautiful Costa Rica. It was developed by two very passionate Canadians and the rest is history.

It is enjoyed by people all over the world for being eco-friendly tourism, this allows the participant to enjoy the fantastic panoramic views from great heights without the carbon footprint that humans sometimes impose on their surrounding eco-systems.

The views are what really make this excursion stand out, views of the tropical dry forests that are abundant in this area. Between each station, there are certain ecological markers, where signs will illustrate the species of local flora and fauna.

It's pure adrenaline and ecological fun! When you get to the end of the run you will be able to enjoy bathing in the refreshing Cumayasa River and enjoy a peaceful canoe/kayak ride.

This adventure is for everyone - as young as 5 years old and as old as 150- can ride our canopy. Our system is totally secure, safe and because we use a double cable system, safety is guaranteed. The design and construction of the installations were made with the strictest of international guidelines and standards. Our equipment is of the highest caliber (Petzl) which is recognized world over and are delicately maintained. Our guides are extremely capable and personally trained and before each excursion we go through the cable training school.

We offer an amazing experience with the highest level of customer service possible.

Can you imagine seeing the world up high? Being exposed to adrenaline and fresh air in a safe environment? That is exactly what we have created for you.

This tree top adventure, includes 300 feet of bridges that hang through the trees. This is challenging for those who have balance, adrenaline and so much more. This was made for fun and as always with safety in mind.

Participating on the sky bridges is only under strict supervision with tour guides, full equipment and of able mind and body. We respect your choice to have safe and fun while enjoying a day in your life.

Have you ever wanted to get dirty?

An adventure with 30 KM of dirt roads, which require glasses, helmets, seat belts, will give you the real experience. This route has been designed through the dry forests of Cumayasa, where you will have an unforgettable experience.

This route begins in Cumayasa Sky and we visit the Cave of the Cathedral where you will see
stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the cave art and petroglyphs of the Taino indians. After this experience, we continue our route through caliche mines, to get to the natural pool that is formed within the coral reefs and is bathed by the Caribean sea.

Then we stop at a small fishing town. We conclude again at Cumayasa Sky where we can then shower and enjoy the ranch amenities.

This part of the island nestles up to the shore. It has virgin coastlines that are coral and jagged rock. The starkness of this particular area is breathtaking. We have dry forest and dirt roads. There are mineral quaries, there is history and there is tradition at this little part of our island.

In order to drive, we require that you know how. We use a buddy system and require that you wear protective gear, sign a liability waiver and always follow your guides instructions.

Something out of this world...Unique in the Caribbean...Adrenaline, emotion, screams, laughs and more...the result which is an experience that takes you up 60 feet in the air. Once there, you are released and that is when you realize that you are on the Cosmic Pendulum and why it has that name.... Cumayasa Sky Adventure has beaten everyone when it comes to safety precautions.

It allows for a panoramic view of this beautiful Ranch and this very unique region.

SUPER FUN, we defy the laws of gravity and of your imagination. Water travels up? Balance is lost, everything is out of proportion and the Casa del Huracan is defying. Your mind looses perspective and things rise that should fall. You will see...

Items such as lamps, do not hang down, they hang sideways. Everything is topsy turvy. You can stand and lean forward at an almost 45 degree angle. It is fun and it is original, there is so much more to see and enjoy.

Amazing, its fun, come and see for yourself.

Toro Loco

Welcome to our version of the Wild Wild West. This is an old fashioned version of the mechanical bull. The riders will become real cowboys/cowgirls and will enjoy themselves as if they were in a real rodeo.

This is located in the middle of 4 giant springs, this is pulled by two people using rope. This back and forth motion lets you fly, it is fun. You will see.

Cumayasa river is extraordinary for many reasons. There are mangroves, wild orchids, bromeliads, giant ferns, birds, fish and trees that are hundreds of years old. You can enjoy the river using a canoe or you can just fish on a possible snook or tarpon. The Taino indians would feast on the delicious fauna of the local area.

This river gets fed by the Ocean and there are subterranean fresh water springs, which makes it perfect for a large variety of wild life.

This crystal clear water is warm towards the surface, warmed by the Caribbean Sun and is cool towards the rocky bottom, because of the underwater streams that feed into it. Its a place of beauty and tranquility, in Cumayasa you are truly one with nature.