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There is something to be said about continuing to strengthen the sustainability and competitiveness of Dominican tourism. Dominican Treasures is supported by the Dominican Consortium of Competitive Tourism or CDCT, it is backed by a US organization called USAID. On Saturday March 15 & Sunday the 16th, awards for excellence were given out to La Fundacion Corazon a Corazon & Cumayasa Sky Adventure.

Both tourism locations complied with the quality and sustainability standard, based on the global criteria of sustainable tourism. Due to this award, these are now an official part of the network of products and alternative services with Dominican authenticity.

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Celebrating the Inauguration of Canopy Cumayasa! Celebrating the Inauguration of Canopy Cumayasa!

"On Sunday the 3rd of July, Casa de Campo Living and the Casa de Campo community were cordially invited to Rancho Cumaysa by Carlos Arriaza for the inauguration of the Canopy Cumaysa.

Canopy Cumaysa is located within the Rancho Cumaysa which is on the Rio Cumaysa about 30 minutes (or less) outside of Casa de Campo in the direction of Santo Domingo – it is a beautiful complex with 1.6 km of zip-line canopy adventure as well as kids play area, a toro loco (bouncy bucking bull), the ‘Casa del Huracane’ and of course the river which is the perfect place to swim, kayak and fish.

The canopy adventure itself consists of 7 double cables (double for extra safety), 14 stations and approximately 1km of zip-line length which leads you through a winding trail adventure through the Dominican wilderness – ending at the Rio Cumaysa (river), where you can enjoy fresh fruits, water and dip in the refreshing river water.

So on Sunday the 3rd of July the Canopy Cumaysa was officially inaugurated and is now open for fun and adventure everyday!"

Written by Rebecca Hughes, Editor of Case de Campo Living.

Adventure Guide to the Dominican Republic - 2004 travel guide Adventure Guide to the Dominican Republic - 2004 travel guide

"Rancho Cumayasa Eco Resort ( Km 14, Highway 4, +1 (829) 755-5054, +1 (829) 755-5052, cumayasasky@gmail.com)

This set of 10 cabins run by a Salvadorean man and his daughter is a real find. Located near Cuevas de las Maravillas ( see Eco-Travel, above) on a site once occupied by Tainos, it's about 9 miles ( watch for the 14-kilometer road marker) west of La Romana. The camp is ideally situated on lush, bougainvillea and flamboyant filled grounds alongside the Cumayasa River ( whose brackish water means no mosquitos- though the beds are equipped with mosquito netting, just in case).

Written by Fe Liza Bencosme

Birds of the Dominican Republic and HaitiBirds of the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Southeastern Dominican Republic: Cumayasa

"Cumayasa is located on the extreme eastern end of Hispaniola, close to some of the islands most popular resort areas.This area is known for its dry forests where you can find a variety of dry forest bird inhabitants.
In addition, other interesting areas that offer good birding are found at Rio Soco, Rio Cumayasa, and inland at Ramon Santana and the Cochoprimo area, where scattered habitats include semi humid forest, dry scrub, wetlands, mangroves, salt marsh and beaches. These sites are accessed from the main coastal highway east of San Pedro de Macoris. Where the highway crosses Rio Soco explore south of the highway to the mouth of the river at Boca de Soco with its extensive wetlands and mangroves. Be sure to scan the nearby ocean too for seabirds such as Brown Booby, Magnificant Frigatebird, and Brown Pelican.

Upstream along the Rio Soco , in the vicinity of Ramon Santana, are the Cochoprimo wetlands, where egrets, heron, and bittens may be found, as well as Limpkin and Greater Antillean Crackle.

Further east along the coastal highway, the Rio Cumayasa and the Cumayasa canyon are accessed by turning north on the gravel road just before the Cumayasa bridge. In the early morning , it is worthwhile to hike north along the river bed for for at least 2 hours. This may turn up such species as Red-tailed hawks, Antillean Piculet, Loggerhead Kingbird, Stolid Flycatcher, Red-legged Thrush, and Greater Antillean Bullfinch. South of the Highway, the Cumayasa canyon can be explored further at the Rancho Cumayasa, where horses, kayaks and cabins can be rented."

Written by Steven Latta, Christopher Rimmer, Alan Keith

Canopy & Buggy Cumayasa: a great adventure & filled with fun! Canopy & Buggy Cumayasa: a great adventure & filled with fun!

"Its pure adrenaline with these two excursions that will help you discover some of the natural beauty that the Dominican Republic has to offer.
La Romana. Cumayasa Sky Adventure if found situated on the western part of the Cumayasa river canyon, it is only 15 minutes from the town of La Romana and is only half an hour from Bayahibe.
This is a beautiful place, it is submerged with a luxurious forests and is only pass from the edge of the river. All of the infrastructures are new and well constructed. This is the kingdom of two exciting excursions that will help you discover the uncontaminated natural beauty of this magnificent part of the Dominican Republic.